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Baltimore Oriole

It has been an amazing year for backyard birds! All the songbirds arrived one Friday morning to join our permanent blue jays and cardinals.

I knew there had been sightings of Baltimore Orioles in town so I set out orange halves and waited, not so patiently! One day I saw a post on Facebook from an Elora friend who posted pictures of 3 orioles on her feeders.

As I was complaining about our lack of orioles, I looked over to see this beauty on our perch! It was so obliging, I had time to run upstairs get our 'good' camera and George took this beautiful shot! The pair stayed around for several days and then left for someone else's yard.

I was thrilled to have them for any time!


2020 Elora Fergus Studio Tour

The Elora Fergus Studio Tour has undergone some changes this year! The studio visits have been cancelled, but a show and sale is being held at the Elora Centre for the Arts until October 11th. Each artist has a representative piece in the show, and some have smaller works for sale in the Artisan Gallery.

As well, 10 members have organized an outdoor show, drive-by, porch, tent  or garage, called Art in the Open. See their page on Facebook to see the artists on show.

We will miss seeing you all in our studios this year and look forward to next year!

Be well and stay safe!


I also belong to a group of 8 amazing female artists called Octarine!

We had a show scheduled for this past May at the Kloepfer Gallery in Guelph, but it has been rescheduled to next May! In the spirit of conservation we will reuse the rack cards from last year!

Appropriately this show is called Renewal!


 Jean Loney Portrait

Jean's life-long interest in visual arts led her to explore a number of techniques before eventually losing her heart to the unique discipline of mosaic-making. A former primary teacher, Jean says, “It's the colour, texture and sparkle of the glass that calls to me. Making mosaics is like cutting and pasting for grown-ups!”


Contemporary mosaics incorporate a range of materials, each reflecting the artist's vision in a concrete way. Jean's work often includes found materials, though her current focus is on using stained glass in a mosaic form. The mosaicist looks for the beauty in each material, the way it glints or shifts colour in varying contexts, using surface variations to explore subtleties in texture and shading.


Jean's body of work ranges from large abstracts inspired by the landscape to realistic studies of living things encountered in her garden and travels. Jean's current focus is on birds, particularly shore birds and their precarious existence as a result of climate change.  


Recent pieces range from small studies of warblers, almost as diminutive as their subjects, to expansive mixed media images of flamingos in their habitat.



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